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In today’s event spaces, more and more people expect decent in-venue live coverage throughout the venue space, whether it be through real-time social media updates or audio/visual live feeds.

Incorporate Magic Meerkat V into your workflow for an efficient yet poweful HD broadcasting solution to your event needs.


Live Event vMix Solutions | Magic Meerkat Malaysia

In this sample workflow, you’ll find that the Magic Meerkat is capable of taking in HDMI, SDI, and NDI inputs while broadcasting the programme output via HDMI to various on-site screens.

Additionally, it can live-stream to online platforms such as YouTube while doing all that.

Seamlessly switch between sources and operate your PTZs with the addition of our Control Surface, and function at a professional level while maintaining a lightweight setup.


Elevate your company’s conferences with vMix‘s video call functions to include your associates from around the globe right into a single meeting room.

Don’t just settle for normal web-based solutions, impress your associates with professional grade title cards and seamless integration of Power Point presentations, and do all that without the usual clutter of a typical broadcasting studio.


Corporate Events vMix Solutions | Magic Meerkat Malaysia

By incorporating the Magic Meerkat into your conferences, you can add clarity and detail to your presentation by overlaying several input sources (including web-based video calls i.e. Skype) as well as Power Point slides all into a single programme output in order to create a cohesive experience for all of your associates no matter where they are.

In our sample workflow, we included a few common office camera equipment such as a HD USB webcam and a camcorder, as we anticipate most companies would already have them on hand, which nevertheless would work well with the Magic Meerkat.


Enrich your media content within your house of worship with our products. Whether you’re looking for a convenient solution for coordinating multiple cameras into a single programme out, or adding a live-stream broadcast of the service for a wider audience, Magic Meerkat V has you covered.


House of Worship vMix Solutions | Magic Meerkat Malaysia

Houses of worship with an existing video equipment inventory can benefit from Magic Meerkat if they are looking to incorporate a simple solution to video switching and building-wide programme output distribution.

In the sample we’ve prepared, we incorporated various low-to-midrange cameras as part of the setup, while also keeping the workflow fairly straightforward which should work well for volunteer-based teams that are common among houses of worship.

On top of that, live-streaming is a possible point of expansion by connecting the Magic Meerkat to a stable network connection.