vMix Shortcuts & Activator Presets

vMix Malaysia

Here are the downloads for the default presets of each of our products. We have also prepared a short guide on how to import them into your vMix software.

Importing Templates Into vMix

First, download the appropriate presets according to the product you have purchased. Then, open vMix and head over to the Settings menu (at the top right corner of vMix). Next, go to the Shortcuts (or Activators) tab on the left. In the Shortcuts tab, click on the Template button, and then on the Import button. In the Activators tab, you should be able to see the Import button right away. After that, simply load in your downloaded template files.

If there are any issues that needs troubleshooting, check out our FAQ page, or get in touch with us for more persistent issues.

About vMix Shortcuts & Activators:

vMix’s built-in Shortcut and Activator function is a convenient feature that allows users to customize their shortcut keys to fit with their preferred workflow. This feature will even work with third party devices such as our own range of control panel products.

While we have created default presets for each of our products, we also believe that users know what’s best for their respective production workflow. Therefore we encourage users to experiment with the feature and assign their own Shortcuts and Activators after familiarizing themselves with our default presets.

If you would like to learn more about the feature, you can check out vMix’s online manual, or watch their video tutorials below: